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Twitter first began in the year 2006. Since the time it has grown immensely into one of the largest social media networks. An interesting fact about social media marketing is that marketers have not been using twitter as much as they have been using other social media apps for conversions. This gives you a better space as well as a lot of time to get ahead of your competitors using twitter as a marketing tool for brand awareness. Since your competitors aren't into twitter marketing yet use it as a scope to go ahead of others even before they make it till here. If you still have doubts regarding using twitter for business go through these points below to finally convince yourself to set up business in this social media network.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

1. Twitter consists of a direct messaging feature which allows for a private conversation between two users. Having this direct messaging features for mutual ensure that your conversations are worth, personalized, engaging as well as genuine.

2. Followers must have seen this @ symbol the most on twitter. Using this symbol guarantees that whoever you are tagging is most likely to view your post or tweet. Tags therefore encourage engagement.

3. On twitter regular tweets are are necessary to stay relevant. Marketers should take advantage of this and use varieties of contents that can entertain as well as educate their followers on twitter and keep them engaged.

4. Because of its robust posting schedule twitter is the only network where brands and companies can develop its voice ad well as public personality. It best showcases your brand awareness.

5. Users often visit a brand's twitter profile to get a better feel as well as a better idea of the brand. The visit is most likely to inspire further research.  Marketers should therefore keep in mind that the brand voice should be consistent. This will drive traffic to your website.

It is one of the most unique social media marketing channel which gives the brand more opportunities to look for new ways to reach more customers. It's the most authentic social media account which makes it most desirable for people irritated of Instagram's careful curating. To know more about twitter marketing yet in touch with ASE TECHNOLOGIES, a digital marketing agency centred in Vizag.