Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses

The World is a digital globe, with everyone connected on the network today. With the fast-emerging technologies, the world is becoming smaller by the day. Digital Marketing has become the need of the hour, for businesses to flourish as nearly 60% of the world population is active on social media. There are many tools that have been developed to improve businesses digitally, from the comfort of one’s home. The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses have been identified in this blog post for the easy understanding and implementation of the same for improving your business prospects.

For many of us, Google has been the starting point of any technology that we see online today. Right from the search engine to its latest Google Home, Google has always been revolutionary in innovating new approaches to technology. Likewise, Google has many free online tools for a smooth butter-like function of your business. With many types of digital marketing tools in the market, Google stands tall among the best. Here are a few of the best digital marketing tools of 2021 listed for your understanding and information.


1.    Google Analytics

First and foremost, let us all agree on a point that Google has been the frontrunner in technology and so have been its digital marketing tools for businesses. Google Analytics is a completely free digital marketing tool that gives you a comprehensive analysis of how many visitors you have for your website and with which content they engage more. This will give you an idea of the areas you have to improve and the strong points that you have. This information helps you optimize your website content and then plan a marketing strategy.


2.    Google Search Console

When paired with Google Analytics, Google Search Console helps you identify any problems on your site and optimize its traffic. The insights provided by Google Search Console about the traffic generated and the content optimization of your website, best describe its efficiency as a digital marketing tool. Working with Google Analytics in association with the Search Console will drastically improve the numbers of your site in turn improving your business.


3.    Google Adwords

Among the best free digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs, Google Adwords ranks among the best. This easy-to-use tool has a keyword planner which lets you know the SEO rankings of the keyword, then also lets you choose relevant keywords that rank better. Google Adwords is one of the best digital marketing tools that lets you identify, plan and optimize your web content.


4.    Yoast

There is no point in spending hours together researching keywords and then not optimize your content with them. Yoast lets you do just that. It is the most efficient SEO tool that optimizes your web content and its free version is absolutely resourceful. The Yoast tool will tell you where to place the keywords, how to optimize your website & blog and how to improve readability. You can also add related keywords, get instant keyword suggestions, insights, and more.


5.    UberSuggest

This digital marketing tool is easy for beginners and offers what most paid tools give for a price. UberSuggest provides useful keyword information such as total search volume, difficulty, and paid difficulty for running an ad campaign around that keyword. You also get the keyword ideas and suggestions related to the one you are searching for. You can update your older content or develop a content marketing plan.


6.    Canva

Canva is a design tool that lets you access 50000+ design templates for your social media. You need to keep your audience engaged with your designs. With each passing day, you can see that the designs are evolving and new designs are uploaded each day. You don’t need to have any design experience to work on Canva. Each design is carefully crafted so that you just need to place your content and watch it take shape right before your eyes.


7.    MailChimp

Eight out of Ten marketers use e-mail marketing while launching a business. Mail Chimp is one of the best e-mail marketing tools there is. Initially, your business may not have more than 2000 subscribers. Till that point, you can use this tool for free and as you scale up you can opt for a paid plan. MailChimp has been the most trusted e-mail marketing tool since 2001 with more than 11  million subscribers.

For an initial setup of your business, it is free for up to 2000 contacts. You can send 300 e-mails per day for free. MailChimp is one of the best digital marketing tools for businesses and start-ups.


8.    Hubspot

Hubspot is a marketing software that leaves no stone unturned in SEO. The following are the services provided by HubSpot for the convenience of businesses.

●     Blogging

●     SEO

●     Social Media

●     Website

●     Lead Management

●     Landing Pages

●     Calls-to-action

●     E-mail marketing

●     Marketing Automation

●     Analytics

            With everything you need to improve your business, there is no need to get pulled in the many directions of the different tools there are on the web. HubSpot is the one thing you need that provides all the digital marketing solutions in one place. 


9.    BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that helps you schedule your content and analyze the results. BuzzSumo is a tool that you can use to search viral posts and trending content online. It also offers digital marketing tools like:

●     Keyword Research

●     Influencer Search

●     Content Analysis

●     Crisis Management

●     Brand Monitoring Tools

●     Topic-based social media feeds, etc.


10.  HootSuite

With Social Media Marketing playing a major role in the digital marketing scenario, HootSuite becomes necessary to manage all your social media platforms in one place. It allows you to respond to comments, react to stories, post automated responses and social media posts. You can also get advanced reporting tools for Social Media Campaigns and get feedback after each campaign. Social Media Marketing becomes easy with tools like HootSuite where you can manage up to 30 social media platforms. 

These are some of the best digital marketing tools of 2021 that have made their mark in the online market. However, there is one grand tool that does it all. The Google pack. The all-encompassing Google suite is the go-to tool for all our digital needs. Right from preparing docs or sheets to sharing them on the drive, Google has made it easy to perform all tasks digitally and online. Now the need to mail a document after you prepare it has been done with as you can now prepare and keep all your data online and within reach.

The revolutionary digital marketing tools which have been mentioned above have proved to be useful to many beginners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and even established businesses. With the advent of online marketing, everything is now bought and sold online which is facilitated by digital marketing tools for promotion.

Creating a strong digital marketing strategy is essential for a business to flourish in the current scenario, one that includes e-mail marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Management. For any business to succeed, finding the right digital marketing tools and using them consistently is the key.