The Future of Digital Marketing in India

The Future of Digital Marketing in India

India has one of the largest populations of internet users in the world. The future of digital marketing in India seems bright and fruitful. A survey by Goldman Sachs suggested that almost 980 million internet users and out of that nearly 666 million users of digital market will be present by 2025 and the market is valued at $160 billion. The digital presence of your brand and its saleability will increase 10-fold in the near future.

Digital marketing is the art of promoting your products or services on digital media. Companies and business are starting to take advantage of this vast medium to reach their millions of customers and clients through ways of TV, Internet- social media particularly. This has become much easier as the internet access has increased globally and the penetration of smart phones into every nook and corner of the world.

Businesses can identify their potential customers, build a brand, market their product or service, deliver their goods and services, and get feedback on a regular basis. All this can be done digitally with the help of internet and social media.

Digital marketers can channel their marketing strategies on social media, through email, search engines and websites. The first thing that made digital marketing a success is the number of customers businesses can reach. This has been increasing drastically with each day. The penetration of the internet too has reached extraordinary numbers.

A study shows that the search rate for the term “digital marketing” has increased during the pandemic lockdown. This shows that the people are realizing the importance of digital marketing for their businesses as well as personal growth.   

The major contributors for the growth of digital marketing are the small enterprises, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. In light of COVID-19, entrepreneurs are more inclined to market their products the digital marketing way instead of personal visits. The growth of digital marketing has seen an upward trend and this also seems to be holding true for the near future.

The growth of digital marketing has been very gradual though dramatic in India. More opportunities come up each day expanding the scope of digital marketing in India. People are adapting to the new normal and the growth of internet we have seen the past few years is here to stay. We are now used to do everything online from shopping groceries, medicines to bank transactions and even house purchases today.

The future is digital, hence adapting to the changes gradually is necessary for all of to have a hassle-free life in the future. To be able to deliver to our customers online will be our forte in the coming days. Digital marketing experts are needed for every business to cater to their specific needs.

Businesses in India are becoming digitally equipped to cater to the market needs. Many of them are investing in digital marketing to gain a strong foothold in the market against their competitors. Digital marketing techniques are affordable and cost-effective. The campaigns run can be monitored on a minute-to-minute basis and the progress can be assessed in a certain manner. This gives the added advantage of monitoring leads into conversions. The effectiveness of each marketing campaign can be analysed thoroughly to improve in the next one. The results in digital marketing are measurable which is difficult in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing has many different aspects like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, finance and business development. Analysing every aspect of digital marketing offers a road map to further improvisation in strategy.

The previous traditional marketing set up was limited to door to door and mouth publicity. But the new Gen Z want everything on their fingertips. Fulfilling the needs of the customers is the highest priority of digital marketers. Even the smallest requirements of the customers need to taken care of. Making campaigns and writing engaging content is the need of the hour.

With everyone preferring digital marketing over everything else, it has become the most powerful tool in the hands of the marketers. Opting for Digital marketing is the best decision that marketers are making today. Every type of product or service can be marketed using digital marketing techniques.

The government’s digital marketing initiatives like the Digital India have given a boost to the start ups and budding entrepreneurs looking to expand their scope of business. Turning India into a digitally empowered country and a knowledge economy has been the goal of the government by giving a boost to the country’s small businesses.

The government’s e-marketplace marketed as GeM has been bringing enterprises together onto a platform and giving them the acquaintance needed for digital empowerment. The youth of the country are particularly being encouraged to enrol new businesses on the platform and participate in the bidding processes.

“Go Digital, Go Global” is the new mantra of the small as well as large businesses. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn we can reach any corner of the world and this gives an added advantage to those live on these platforms. The reach of social media is so huge that its potential to give a boost to businesses is endless.

The government’s initiatives like the Smart Cities mission are turning the potential towns also into smart cities with equipment installed at every corner. Many start-ups are getting lunched in tier-II and tier-III towns and they have global outreach.

Since people are spending an average of 2 hrs a day on social media, it is an engaging medium which constantly attracts attention of the user. It has been surveyed that the revenue generated through digital media is going to be five-fold than it was in 2015.

The scope for digital marketing is wider than what it was previously. It is the most powerful and will be the most powerful tool in the hands of businesses and to boost their reach and in turn the sales. The dynamics of the market keep changing, so should the marketing techniques. With the ever-increasing demand in the services and products online, a change in attitude and aptitude for digital marketing will take your business forward. So, if you’re thinking of going digital, now is the time. There is a vast scope for improvement and there is a huge gap between the market and supply. If this needs to be fulfilled, stepping in fully equipped with digital platforms is necessary. This will give you a competitive edge over the other competitors and you will reign the market for a very long time.