Steps to Create Paid Social Media Campaigns

Whether you want to generate brand awareness or you want to bring in more customers for your products or services, social media platform is a great medium to advertise. Social ads can be hyper targeted, customers can interact with them, and you can easily adjust and adapt them based on data to make them more effective. Social networks will even reward you with lower costs and higher reach for getting people to engage with your ads. 

Read these steps to nail the social media campaigns.

1. Start with an objective

When you start with a Paid advertisement the first thing you are asked is what is your objective. You must choose your objective carefully because your objective will directly affect your ad options. You have to choose from these three objective options - awareness objective, consideration objective, conversion objective. Objectives in the first option usually target reach, views or impressions, aiming to generate interest in your product or service. The second one centre around engagement or interaction aiming to seduce customers into searching for more information.

2. Know Your audience

With a particular product or service you cannot target everybody through your advertisement. By narrowing down your target audience, you’re able to be much smarter with your budget. 

3. Pick the right social media platforms

The earlier you know your objective and your audience the earlier you'll be able to choose the right social media network for your marketing campaign. Facebook has a wide range of both objectives and audience demographics which is why most of the businesses use Facebook as their Paid marketing campaign platform.

4. Decide who you're targeting

Once you’ve decided which social platforms to use in your ad campaign, you can explore the detailed audience targeting options available to you on that platform. Because people click on or care about your ads when they are relevant. Targeting and retargeting help your ads find relevant audiences.

5. Choose the best ad formats

A social media platform gives you multiple ad formats aimed at same goal. Each type of ad has a different strength and you’ll want to choose the right one, or combination of formats, to drive strong results for your paid campaign. If your product is visually appealing, consider creating content for image and video ads. If you’re selling products, you can’t go past carousels and collections alongside image or ‘static’ ads and video ads. 

6. Create your campaign content

Think about your ads. Now that you know what ad formats you want to use in your campaign, you have to nail down your copy, your photos, your video.

7. Set your budget

Once you’ve chosen your objective and social media platform, you’ll be able to research whether there’s a minimum ad budget you’re required to spend. This minimum amount could be per day, per click or per impression.