INSTAGRAM MARKETING -  How to use Instagram for business?

INSTAGRAM MARKETING - How to use Instagram for business?

If you have already decided on using Instagram marketing services for business purposes, then you must know how to use it at least. This blog is going to be really helpful in making you learn the correct uses of Instagram for marketing purposes. From setting up your Instagram account to creating a winning strategy know it all right here.

The number of people using Instagram is huge. More than one billion people use Instagram and out of them 90% of the Instagram users follow at least one business page. Instagram has gone through a total change. From an app that was widely used to share photos and videos has now turned into a hub of business activity. Through Instagram brands can now run fundraisers, open shops from their profiles, and let people book reservations from your account.

Let us now learn from scratch how to use Instagram for your social media marketing.

Step 1 – Make an Instagram Business Account

If you do not have an Instagram account, you can start from scratch. And if you already have it and it’s a personal one you can change it to a business account through some simple steps.

Step 2 – Create Instagram Winning Strategy

If you’re using Instagram for business purposes then you must have a winning strategy. Thus you must know your audiences. If you do not know your audiences you won’t be able to progress. You must determine the audience who already buys from you. If you know your audience you’ll be able to create better contents. You’ll have to therefore give out posts that help in audience engagement.

Step 3 – Create Content Calendar

If you know your audience and your goals you can post things accordingly. A properly planned social media calendar ensures you do not miss any important dates and allows you enough time for attractive content creation. You must plan to publish when your customers are online. Posting when people are active on social media is a great strategy to improve organic reach.

Step 4 – Optimize Your Profile

Through an Instagram business account you can achieve a lot within a short span of time. Your profile is where your customers get to know more about your brand. So write a great bio that gives them an insight about your company or brand. Let them know why they should follow you, while doing this try to be straight, clear and attractive.

Step 5 – Share Quality Content

The most important part about Instagram is its visual. Visual beauty is what attracts us all the most. So it thus becomes important to have recognizable visual identity. Write compelling captions while posting contents and gain more clients. You also must be consistent enough in your postings.

Follow these simple steps and see your Instagram marketing strategies bring you more followers while maintaining your great online presence.