Google My Business - Why Google Business Profile is important for your business

Google My Business - Why Google Business Profile is important for your business

Google business profiles offer companies a great opportunity to appear in Google search results. But the best thing about Google business profile is that creating it is free. Your google business profile gives you the ability to list your business location on google maps and local search results. Using this you can display important information about your business, including your opening closing times, contact details or may be a link to the website. With the latest updates by Google you can now post a link to articles or upcoming events.

Improve Visibility

Setting up your google business profile is one of the easiest and effective way to be found online. You must have used google search at least once in life, searching for something. Google must have shown you top 3 results where you also found details like website link as well as contact information. The top 3 results that have come in your search results page are because of their GMB page which takes it one step closer to attract customers. If these places you've searched about did not have a GMB page then they would not have shown.

Optimize Your Business Page

After you have set up your business profile and claimed a GMB page for your business you should make sure that it's optimized and that you have filled in all the important information. You must focus on including as much information as possible in the GMB page.

Right Description

Write a good description to add to your listings and make it as local as possible so it becomes relevant for the users. The description is used as an overview about what your business does and keywords related to your business can be used here.

Add Posts

Adding posts to your GMB profile will attract more interest. The content will be visible in google search and google maps results. For adding a post visit your Google My Business page and create a new post. You'll be able to upload images, write few words. The latter option that appears is of adding call to action by clicking on Sign Up, Reserve, Buy Now etc. Through this post option you get a greater scope of flexibility to promote events, share content and promote your products and services.

Add upto 10 Photos to Your GMB Page You can add up to 10 photos or videos to your GMB page. This gives you a better chance to elevate your posts and stand out from the competition.

Collect Reviews

Collecting reviews would only help you to rank higher in the search box on google and map results. Reviews are very effective into deciding what one thinks of your business. It helps in improving your ranking in local search. Not only this, but they act as social proof to your potential customers and help them make a decision on whether to do business with you or not. The best way to collect reviews is to ask for them. Seek out customers who you know what been satisfied with your product or service. To make it easier to collect reviews, set up a templated email but make sure you personalise it where possible before you send!

These are enough to give you a basic idea about Google My Business page. If you would like to know more about it contact the team of digital marketing service providers at ASE TECHNOLOGIES, as we are always happy to help!