If you're just on the verge of using digital marketing as a medium to globalize your business, you must know that you cannot avoid using the social media platform known as Facebook. If you are also wondering what are facebook ads, keep reading below. Facebook started as a platform where you could socialise with your friends and family but has now evolved into a platform that also fosters the growth of marketing through Facebook advertisements. Does not matter what is the size of your business you can always use facebook as a platform for facebook advertising as well as facebook ad campaigns. Facebook is that one platform used by different digital marketing agencies around the town as their only form of marketing or a fraction of their marketing operations. No matter the problems that Facebook went through users all over the world didn't give up on the app. This is one of the major reasons why you must choose to advertise on Facebook for it generates leads. But let us get to know now how is it a great platform as well as most popular social media site for marketing.

1. Drives Traffic

According to some data resources Facebook had 1.82 billion daily active users during the first three quarters of 2020. It is one of the largest social media networks. With its active usage all over the world the method of business advertisements has changed into best Facebook ads. When you use Facebook for your advertisements it gets to be seen by an even larger audience or prospects which helps to build your brand awareness as well as in lead generation.

2. Easy and Fast Results

Get your first ad running is very easy when it's on Facebook. Due to the availability of a large number of active users as well as the presence and availability of flexible ads the results that you get is fast and easy. We are all aware of the fact that using social nexus largely influences our shopping choices. If we go by the sources Facebook of all other social media platforms contributes the most in influencing.

3. Budget Friendly

Compared to other platforms of advertisements, facebook is much much cheaper. Through advertisements on this platform you pay less and reach a larger number of people compared to the other digital marketing services. Here, you get to choose the audience you want to reach. That's one of the biggest advantage. So even if you have a small business, you can reach your potential customers immediately without having to break your bank.

4. Custom Call To Actions

When you add CTAs and ads to your Facebook page, it can increase your click through rate by upto 285% according to a report by Ad Roll. A CTA action gives your customers the direct option and instruction to take the action you want them to take and it can be anything.

5. Easy Tracking

If you're wondering how much the money you pay worth let me tell you that it's I'm your hand to track and measure the results. Tracking of your Facebook Ads performance happens by installing Facebook pixel to your website.

Facebook is that one platform where people spend most part of their time. Audiences here are capable of getting influenced by the ads you post. Through Facebook advertisements your company will reach its targeted goal no doubt. To get the best of digital marketing services switch in to the best digital marketing agency, ASE TECHNOLOGIES.