Creative ways to use online survey tools in hotels and restaurants

Creative ways to use online survey tools in hotels and restaurants

If you run a hotel or restaurant business it is important for you to pay attention to satisfying your guests or in other words customers since it is a usual thing for guests and customers to share their hotel or restaurant experience with their friends or relatives. But this won't help you know what your customers feel about their experience with you. So what you could do to get customer feedback is use online survey tools since it is a basic way to know what your customers feel about their experiences with your hotel or restaurant.

One of the most important benefits of restaurant survey is that it is only through online survey tools that you will get to know how your guests feel about you and your restaurant or hotel business. 

Restaurant surveys are a great way to collect your guest's feedback. Through these feedbacks you'll get to know how your customers feel about your hotel or restaurant’s food, rooms, staff’s behavior, catering services, etc. But this doesn't mean that you'll approach your customers in the middle of their meal time and give them the feedback form to ask for feedback. That's never a good idea. Getting feedback is now easy with survey software. Many dine in outlets have now started using survey software through which they can get customer feedbacks without taking much of their time.

Let us learn some creative ways to use online survey tools in hotels and restaurants.

1. On premise Feedback- On premise feedback means collecting feedbacks from your guests while they are present in your outlet with the help of a survey tool. To capture feedbacks on tablets is one of the easiest ways. You can hand them the tablets for some time so that they could give you the required feedbacks while they are there in your hotel or restaurant. In this way, you will get real-time feedback and can work for improvement at the right time and prevent your guests from avoiding visiting your hotel or restaurant. 

2. Post Checkout Feedback- It is the feedback that you get when the guests leaves the restaurant or hotel and gives the feedback later through emails or sms. Post-check-out feedback is one of the most common ways to collect feedback from your guests. Through a guest feedback survey app post checkout survey links are sent to guests through email or sms automatically.

3. Use QR code for feedback- QR codes and feedback links can be distributed to the guests to receive customer feedback. QR code works the same way a bar code works in a mall or any retailing place. When cushioned will scan this QR code through their devices a feedback form will assist on their phone which they'll have to fill out. This is one of the most convenient form of collecting feedbacks. QR codes or feedback links work best if you have or are running a takeaway restaurant or are providing home delivery restaurant food and services.  

These are some of the easiest ways to collect feedbacks which will help you not only improve your services but also would help you widen your number of guests. But you must keep your surveys short so that your guests can fill up the survey forms without having to give much time. Approach the guests at the right time, try avoiding reaching your guests while they are enjoying their meal. Make sure your survey links open quickly so that your guests do not have to leave the page. Keep all these in mind for a smooth collection of customer feedback.