Ideas for hotels social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing for hotels is as important as it is for any other forms of business. It is the key to increasing your visibility, enhancing direct bookings, and also making a name for your hotel among the masses. As more and more people join social media everyday and get inspired for their next trip social media marketing has become a great strategy of hotel marketing plan.

By posting contents regularly on your page we promote your hotel online which helps you to interact with your regular clients and remind them how worth you are. It also allows you to form a deeper connection with your clients. Through constant engagement with customers and terrific strategies you'll drive more bookings to your hotel.

Without beating much around the bush let's just get into a discussion of the ideas that you could use to make your social media marketing strategies for your hotel work.

1. You should plan out your strategies depending upon the seasonality since season has a lot to do with vacationing and vacationing is the time when your hotels come into its greatest use. Your contents will change based on the time of year and what you are trying to accomplish. In off season you must try to drive bookings by sharing promotions or special thematic packages. During the high seasons you may use social media platforms to promote your hotels so that people are likely to book.

2. Search engines such as Google and TripAdvisor aren't only helpful for driving bookings but they also tell you what's your hotel is lacking at or where can you excel. So whatever you learn on these search engines you must use them for improvement. You must respond to all reviews be it a positive one or a negative. This will show the users that you are interested in what the customers think. You can also share the positive reviews that you get among your followers because the better are your reviews the better will be your marketing game online.

3. Give your social media pages a human face so that your followers as well as your users know who's behind the particular hotel. Highlight at least one of your staff members once a week from all your social media channels. Interact with guests by creating raffles, contests, taking polls and asking them for feedback. Tag your guests in the pictures you post so that they are inspired to follow you and repost.

4. Influencers now are a big part of online marketing. Do not take them lightly. Find out the influencers in your area and also those that you know can move your audience and contact them. So choose your influencer depending on their ability to bring in customers together with your line of budget.

5. Videos inspire engagement, improve the time on the page and are more likely to be shared and go viral, so make sure making high-quality videos is figured into your budget.

6. Use suitable hashtags for your hotel ads as hashtags are what is shared by almost everybody on social media platforms. So when in business, never forget to use hashtags.

These are some of the social media marketing strategies that toh could use to increase engagement, and also to get higher conversions. Follow these strategies if you want to do well in your hotel business.