5 Pros and Cons of Social media marketing in business

5 Pros and Cons of Social media marketing in business

In case you're stepping forward to a digital marketing plan let me introduce you to the main advantages of social media marketing, in other words, social media marketing benefits.

1. Using social media you can reach your target audience anytime and also stay connected with them. This is one of the most obvious social media marketing advantages. Half of world's population is into social media, which makes it one of the most advantageous platform for digital marketing.

2. Through social media posts you have high chances of having your content go viral. Besides that, you can also benefit from user generated content. Through this users make content without having you participated. This saves you a lot of time. This also acts as a very strong social proof.

3. Using social media you can easily find out what users really think of you with the help of social media monitoring tools. It helps you to know more about the user's sentiments related to your product or service. You can always find out what users think of your brand and you also can keep a track of your user's perception of your brand compared to your competitors.

4. It is only through social media that you get familiarized with trends and hot topics for discussion. It is one of the best social media marketing advantages to promote and enhance your brand digitally. With Hashtagify and Google Trends you can find the most trending hashtags for Instagram and Twitter and also discover trendy topics for your SMM posts. By analyzing this given data, you can come up with ideas of your own to engage with possible clients and make them participate in your discussion.

5. The most convenient and most innovative way to engage with audiences is the use of social media. Users have an easy access to connect with a brand or company through social media, which saves them the time and effort of calling the support team or mailing them personally. Introducing a chat bot is way more helpful as customers expect expect responses at least within an hour.

Social Media has both advantages and disadvantages, and thus, the blog here covers the topic social media marketing advantages and disadvantages.

1. When you use social media to promote your brands or services, you get to know a little too much about human nature. You also learn that users won't always respond positively. As long as you do them good toh can expect good, in case they don't like anything be ready to face the lows. At least that's what social media analytics say. You can satisfy people, and that's right, but if you think you can satisfy everybody then you're mistaken because you cannot. Each negative review if seen by your current customers you'll definitely lose them with utmost possibility. But what you can do here to save yourself is look into the review your clients give and then go stay fixing it.

2. Contents on social media are innumerable. Therefore there's a high chance for customers and clients to get bored. So what can keep them interested is anything new. In order to engage customers continuously you will have to come up with something new almost every day. You may have to go live, post new contents, share jokes or anything that can generate leads.

3. There's no prohibition when it comes to a small scale business or a large scale. Basically the size of your business doesn't impact your goals. But what impacts is the kind or type of business you're into. Since some of the hashtags are prohibited to be used, so if your product or service falls under these hashtags you may not be able to gain a wider audience.

4. You cannot reach all segments of users. Since everyone is not good with what you're good at they may expect something else for them to deal better.

5. Advertising on social media can be really expensive. It can save you money only if you can set your social media marketing campaigns correctly. In the event of a mistake with the target audience, region, or language of the advertising campaign, there are big risks that waste your social media marketing budget and get zero ROI.

Just how there exists social media marketing benefits, so does the drawbacks of it. Therefore to business digitally and successfully you got to overcome the hurdles and makes your way out by multiplying the benefits. Our social media marketing agency, ASE TECHNOLOGIES, knows how to deal with modern users and turn them into possible prospects.